The Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Mr. Murat KURUM and his associates examined many environmental practices of the Ministry on site on Saturday, September 8, 2018 within the scope of the Bursa program they went to participate in a series of programs.

The Minister Institution visited Osmangazi Municipality Center for Stray Animals Natural Life and Treatment and examined the practices for environmental protection within the scope of ‘Zero Waste Project ılan initiated by the ministry.

Meeting with the children in the natural life center, Mr. Minister participated in the activities held here. He threw packaging waste into the recycle piggy bank that gave the animals food to the children and fed them with animal food. Then Mr. Minister collected the dried leaves with the children in the area of ​​the animal rehabilitation center and then laid these leaves to mature in the compost production area to become organic fertilizer. Tree composting was carried out with the children and at the end of the activity, the children gave pine saplings.

'Zero Waste Project, Mr. Minister stressed that all spring to Turkey, the exemplary embodiments of the project Osmangazi Municipality Orphaned Animals Wildlife and Treatment Center, said they saw. Here we fed street animals with our children. It is very important for us to place this awareness and to instill it in our youth. Our future generations will be better than today. We also plan to extend the zero waste project as a ministry to all of Turkey. In this way, we will earn serious income. We are talking about an annual income of TL 12 billion. With the decisions we have taken in Bursa, we will make their applications in the field as soon as possible ”.

Deputy Minister of the Republic of Turkey Dr. Mehmet Emin BİRPINAR, Deputy Minister Fatma VARANK and other senior executives of the Ministry.