Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, attended the opening of the "Green Transformation Seminar in Industry" organized within the scope of the IPA program and made a speech.

The opening of the "Green Transformation in Industry Seminar", organized within the scope of IPA's "Identification of Industrial Emission Strategy for Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control Project", took place in Ankara. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs Ambassador Faruk Kaymakçı, Deputy Ministers of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Mücahit Demirtaş and Hasan Suver, and Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Türkiye, Eleftheria Pertzinidou, were present at the opening where Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change made a speech.


Climate Change is the Source of 91% of Disasters

In his speech, Minister Kurum noted that the world has a history of billions of years, while the understanding of production, which was established with the industrial revolution and has been going on for 200 years, makes life easier and causes the ecological balance to be shaken. Reminding the saying of Hazrat Mevlana, "This world is like a mountain from which our actions will echo and return to us," the Institution stated that as a result of human-induced climate change, there have been many negativities in many areas, from housing to transportation, from agriculture to health, from industry to supply chain. The agency said that in the latest Global Risks Report published by the United Nations this year, they found that 91 percent of disasters are related to climate.


"We will support clean production and investment processes"

Minister Kurum emphasized that Türkiye has been heavily affected by disasters in recent years, floods, fires and mucilage seen in the Sea of Marmara are among the most concrete and saddest examples of this, and this photo shows that the fight against climate change is Türkiye's future and independence issue. The institution stated that they are carrying out climate change studies with all sectors with determination, and that they have now reached the final stage in their work on the Climate Law together with the Climate Coordination Board. said. Reminding that they announced the Statement of National Contribution at COP27, the Institution said that Türkiye aims to prevent 500 million tons of emissions for 2030, and that they will continue to progress with strong policies with the goal of net zero emissions by reaching the peak of emissions until 2038 at the latest.


"There will be a transformation process in every field"

Stating that they will experience a transformation process in every field from energy to industry, from transportation to buildings, from waste sector to sinks, the Institution said:

"We have reached the final point in our efforts to establish the National Emissions Trading System, which we will start to pilot in 2024. With the Emissions Trading System, we will implement a system in which those who produce more emissions are punished and those who produce less emissions are rewarded. This will be the income we will derive from the carbon pricing mechanism... "We will support the clean production and investment processes of our industrialists with income. Within the framework of the green development revolution, we will focus on not polluting while producing. We will produce, grow and develop, but we will not harm our environment. At this point, we have great expectations from our industrialists and the private sector."


"OIZs will be pioneers in green transformation"

Minister Kurum stated that the global problems experienced, especially the Kovid-19 epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine War, the food and energy bottleneck, include a permanent change in the world, and that while the world is going through this difficult period, Türkiye's innovative, dynamic, strong-footed and strong-footedness in every field. He emphasized that he has taken firm steps towards the future with projects that will carry him to the top of the global competition.

Minister Kurum continued his words as follows: "By encouraging industrial facilities to make climate and environment-friendly production, we will make all our industrial zones compatible with our green development goal, which puts zero waste at the center and puts people at the center, within the framework of green transformation. We will turn industrial zones into 'Green OIZs. Our OIZs will spread the green transformation with an exemplary model. We will open a new page in green transformation in industry with each step we take. We will open a new page in the green transformation in the industry. We will have facilities that show energy and resource efficiency, zero pollution for air, water and soil, environmental production We will issue the 'Green Transformation Certificate in Industry' as an indicator. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the facilities that receive this certificate, with an environmentalist approach, meet the environmental taxonomy criteria and benefit from environmental investment funds and green financing opportunities. OIZs, which make up 45 percent of our industrial production, will be the pioneers in green transformation .This count In addition to environmental improvement, we will ensure that our country's industry achieves world-class production levels, reaching competitive power on equal terms in the export market and taking a high share in world markets."