Architects are the individuals who make, developand carry out the plans of oldor new buildings. It is very important to plan the architectural structures, especially the housing and service sectors, by considering waste management subject.

How Can Architects Contribute to
Zero Waste Management?

How Can They Contribute to Zero Waste Management?

Architects can pay regard to the zerowaste management model in their designs. They can design areas where wastes can be collected separately according to their types while the structures are in the planning stage. There are many and various design examples in the world regarding this subject. In some house holds, separate sections are designed for temporary storage of waste in the courtyards, and in some house holds there are waste pipes that end with containers in which waste can be stored temporarily. In any case, it is much easier and more efficient to produce solutions for waste management at the design stage for any structure than to adapt to a system later.

Reducing Unnecessary Resource Usage

Additionally, architects can adopt the concept of zerowaste management in their offices and avoid unnecessary paper use during their design. They can take preventive actions for wastes in the office and can temporarily store them according to their types. Thus, waste management begins on the factory floor.