Zero Waste System is a 7-step road map consisting of steps that companies, institutions or organizations should apply to be included in Zero Waste.

Zero Waste System Installation
Steps for Municipalities

Determination of Zero Waste Team

These people ensure the establishment, development, improvement, effective and efficient application and monitoring of the zerowaste management system throughout the municipality.

Determination Of The Collection Infrastructure

In this context, blue container is used for recyclable waste and gray container is used for other waste with in the scope of dual collection system. 1st class waste collection centers are established, glass containers and mobile waste collection centers are placed.

Conduction of Waste Collection Activities

Collection of waste with in the scope of dual collection system from places such as residences, work places and shopping malls, supplying necessary equipment, writing about what wastes can be disposed on the equipments in the streets and transferring the collected wastes to recycling facilities.

Facility Requirement

Recyclable wastes are prevented from being sent toland fills. Incase of regular storage of wastes is applicable in accord ance with the waste hierarchy, the wastes are pre-treated before being stored regularly.