Growing in the garden is an excellent way to produce our own food, exercise and spend time in nature. But water, fertilizers, gardens and more gardens a few clever techniques make your garden heard.

How can Gardeners Contribute to
Zero Waste Management?

Use Of Packaging

Avoid plastic packaging

Purchase purchased tools without packaging.

Buy reusable products.

Choose reusable nursery containers.  

After planting the seedlings in your garden, return the pots.

Use reusable jute sacks for transport purposes.

Collect the packaging you use separately and send it for recycling


Preference of organic pesticides used

Choosing the appropriate plant for your region

Grow seedlings and trade plants instead of buying seedlings

Set up your drip irrigation system save water

Grow your own vegetables for consumption in your garden

Use compost instead of chemical fertilizer more compost with your neighbors

Collect rainwater

Use plants suitable for the climate

Share uncommon tools with your neighbors

Share your surplus crops and seedlings


Do not dispose of dried leaves, pruned branches, lawn, vegetable remains. Collect dried leaves, pruned branches, vegetable remnants separately and get compost in your garden.