Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Murat Kurum, held in Marmaris within the scope of the Mugla program.

Minister Authority, Marmaris Coast Guard Group Command, then visited the bays in the bay with the Coast Guard boat examined, received information about the bay from the accompanying delegation. Visiting the Coast Guard Marmaris Group Command Environment and Urbanism Minister Murat Kurum, where the bay and the bays of the county authorities received information about. Then the Minister of the Coast Guard boat opened to the sea, the county took a tour in the bay. After an hour-long investigation, the Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murta Authority gave an image to journalists during the cruise at sea.
Then, the Ministry of Marmaris in a marina located in the center of the Atık Zero Waste tarafından by the ministry implemented in the field of the Minister of Investigations, yacht owners and captains by chatting with the blue card project and listened to the requests and problems of seafarers listened.

“We started the project to protect our seas and nature”

Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum said that they started the Zero Waste Project in order to protect the seas and nature as Bakanlık The marina leg of this project was first implemented in Marmaris. We know the wastes left by the boats and the damages caused by the boats. We have a Blue Card project to prevent this. We have further developed this system with the zero waste project. Boats have to dispose of their waste regularly. We are strictly monitoring whether these have been done. By increasing these controls, we will increase our number of blue flag beaches. This project is a project that will carry our country to higher levels within the scope of the European Union. After that, we will give more weight to recycling. It is our primary duty to protect nature, living things and especially our seas. ” Following the investigation, the Minister Institution left Marmaris with the accompanying delegation.