The "Zero Waste Project" initiated under the auspices of President Erdoğan's wife Emine Erdoğan became a mobilization. The new target will be an example to Turkey to create a zero-waste county.

Pollution, waste, wasted resources ...

The Zero Waste Project, which was initiated to prevent all of these, became a mobilization.
new targets in the project, the establishment of a zero waste all districts will serve as an example to Turkey.

Screening in 81 provinces and 951 districts

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will select the most suitable district for zero waste settlement and implement the project as a pilot.

81 cities and counties browsing at 951 to determine the first zero waste turkey districts. In the zero waste district to be determined, wastes will be collected separately according to their types. Compost will be made from the county's organic waste. The collected wastes will be processed in recycling facilities and converted into new products. In this way, economic gain will be achieved.

Top-up automatic packing machine

The collection system also aims to reduce exhaust emissions by using electric vehicles.

The district to be determined within the scope of the project; vending machines will be installed to collect plastic, metal and glass beverage packages. Speeches and internet credits will be installed on the phones of those who send packaging wastes to the vending machines.

The ministry will conduct awareness raising activities in the selected zero waste district and will provide equipment and expert support for the recycling of waste.