First Lady Emine Erdoğan attended the launch of “Water Efficiency Campaign” at the Beştepe Nation’s Convention and Culture Center.

Making a speech at the event, First Lady Erdoğan said: “Even though we falsely assume that the assets that had fed these lands for thousands of years before us are to remain forever, our resources are not infinite. Due to the gradual decrease in precipitation and unconscious water consumption, our agricultural lands, wetlands, streams, and underground water resources are being tested by the threat of drought. We should keep in mind that every drop of water that dries up is a home coming down for fishes, birds, vegetables and many other creatures living in this ecosystem. For people, who cannot survive even three days without water, we need to remind ourselves that the fight against drought is actually a struggle for survival. I believe that we will raise hope for a livable future with the water efficiency campaign, which we started with this perspective.”