First Lady Emine Erdoğan attended an event held at the Presidential Complex for ambassadors and their spouses in Türkiye under the theme of, “Zero Waste for the World, Our Common Home”.

Making a speech at the event, First Lady Erdoğan recalled that the Zero Waste Project had been launched five years ago with the aim of making the world more livable and more just, and said: “Throughout all these years, the achievements gained in our country with the Zero Waste movement have been appreciated by the entire world. The movement has been presented with a total of five awards, three of which from offices and programmes of the United Nations.”

Underscoring that inspired by the worlds of culture and faith, Türkiye approached the global matters with a conscientious perspective, First Lady Erdoğan noted: “By means of such institutions as TİKA, Turkish Red Crescent (Kızılay), the Türkiye Maarif Foundation and Yunus Emre Institution, humanitarian and development activities have been carried out and thousands of projects have been implemented in over 140 countries.”

Stressing that Türkiye, which had been hosting over 4 million refugees, had also for years ranked 1st in the world in humanitarian aid in proportion to national income, First Lady Erdoğan said: “No one should ever forget that there is no winner in a war and no loser in a just peace. With this perspective, we lend our brotherly and friendly hand to wherever there is an oppressed person, from Ukraine to Syria, from Palestine to Myanmar. While we bring together from time to time the conflicting parties at the diplomacy table we have set, we prevent global crises with such moves as Istanbul Grain Agreement, too.”